Understanding AI Models with Joshua Starmer

Decisions Now

Sep 7 2022 • 31 mins

With AI adoption in full swing for many, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are paving the way for progress in different business sectors. On the eleventh episode of the Decisions Now podcast, Joshua Starmer, Founder, and CEO of StatQuest, and Lead AI Educator at Lightning AI dives into the nuts and bolts of ML algorithms, updating the technology, educating teams on ML within organizations, and more.

Don’t miss this engaging episode as co-hosts, Rigvinath Chevala, EVS chief technology officer, and Erin Pearson, VP of Marketing get the scoop from Starmer, in the most musical manner.

📌Key Takeaways

✔️ Verifying Your Models & Data ✔️Updating & Understanding the Models ✔️Syncing it With Reality ✔️Knowing When to Call it Quits, and ✔️Educating Teams on ML

📌Quote Takeaways in this Episode:

📣 "ML is becoming easier to do and more cost-effective or price the price for doing it is much more reasonable than it used to be. And so yeah, so there's going to be smaller companies with fewer resources diving into the deep end,” Starmer added. “It's like a pet, you got to keep taking care of it. Go take it for a walk every day. Not many people think of it as something that requires care.”

📌The Speakers in This Episode:

🎙️Rigvinath (Rigvi) Chevala | Chief Technology Officer, Evalueserve www.evalueserve.com

🎙️Erin Pearson | VP Marketing, Evalueserve www.evalueserve.com

🎙️ Joshua Starmer | Founder, and CEO of StatQuest, and Lead AI Educator at Lightning AI. https://statquest.org/