How has SEXUAL Trauma effected MEN- w/ GUEST CO-HOST's Hosea James Givan II & Pippa Hurst

the NEXT chapter w/ Ms.KittyRose

Dec 15 2023 • 54 mins

a special episode of "the NEXT chapter" w/ Guest Co-Host Hosea James Givan II & Pippa Hurst "Sexual Trauma" and our Men - are we Highfiving our boys who lose their virginity under the ages of 10 and 13
  • do we realize that that is rape
  • how can a man who loses his virginity at such a young age have an emotional connection to sex when that was taken from him at a young age
  • Is trauma always sexual
  • can trauma be what was lacking in the household growing up
  • did that man see the affection in his household growing up
  • was he shown affection
how can we hold our men to such a degree when they weren't even given the tools to be the men we need them to be
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