Ep 141 | Change How You Set Goals - 3 Tips for Setting Realistic, Doable Goals in Motherhood

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May 3 2022 • 15 mins

Hey Winner,

Think about how you've set goals in the past. Have you followed a certain method? Have you set huge, monumental goals that you didn't even believe? Did you set monetary goals or numbers-based goals that may not have been in your control?

Well, I have done that too. I began my journey of setting goals thinking I had to set outlandish goals that seemed completely impossible. Granted, I love big dreams, and we should imagine huge, but that is not how to set the best goals that will take you to the finish line.

So, today, I want you to forget about everything you've learned about setting goals, come into this episode with fresh ears, bring a notebook and pen, and let's talk about the best way to set goals that you are confident in and that you will put the action toward.

These are the best kinds of goals!

Rooting for you ~ Gabe

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