Discovering who God calls you to serve

Missional Catholics

Mar 15 2024 • 30 mins

In the latest episode of Archbishop George J. Lucas’ video podcast, Missional Catholics, the archbishop talks to Karen Van Dyke, co-founder, president and treasurer of Educate Uganda, a non-profit that helps impoverished children in Uganda by providing school fees for orphaned children and enhancing their learning environment. Van Dyke shares how a surprise birthday gift from her husband 17 years ago led to a brighter future for thousands of impoverished children in Uganda. Van Dyke shares how Educate Uganda has offered young people who might otherwise never have had the opportunity to go to school the chance to receive a life-changing education and instilled them with hope for a brighter future. Van Dyke encourages listeners, especially young people, to turn to God in adoration and quiet prayer so that when He asks them to be the face of Jesus to their neighbors, they can say yes – even if they are afraid. SHOW NOTES: Learn more about Educate Uganda at Support Support the non-profit's work here: