How to Expand Your Empathy: Tips and Techniques

A Rumor of Empathy

Jun 17 2015 • 51 mins

Lou is the author of three books on empathy - but what REALLY interests people are tips and techniques for expanding their empathy in their relationships and life. Along with celebrating the publication of Lou's latest book, A Rumor of Empathy, we will delve into practical methods of expanding your empathy. In empathy one person is quite simply in the presence of another human being. Empathy is supposedly like apple pie and motherhood. What’s not to like? Yet being empathic can be confronting and anxiety inspiring because one has to dispense with evaluations, filters, diagnostic labels, and egocentrism and be with the other person as a way of being. Empathy arouses subtle and pervasive resistances. A Rumor of Empathy engages such resistances to overcome them. People are naturally empathic and given half a chance empathy naturally unfolds and expands. Join Lou for an engaging conversation and plan on calling in with your questions and issues about how to expand your empathy.