5 More Recommendations to Expand Your Empathy

A Rumor of Empathy

Jul 1 2015 • 55 mins

This show engages 5 more recommendations to expand your empathy. We started this conversation two weeks ago with several recommendations. This show continues the work. It will include further lessons learned from my three books on empathy. The occasion for the show is the publication of my book a rumor of empathy. My friends are excited about the publications – but what they have said to me is “Great Lou – nice work – but what I really need is tips and techniques is to expand my empathy in the next fifty minutes – and its already Wednesday at noon. I have been listening and that’s what this show is about. In empathy one person is quite simply in the presence of another human being. Empathy is supposedly like apple pie and motherhood. What’s not to like? Yet being empathic can be confronting and anxiety inspiring because one has to dispense with evaluations, filters, diagnostic labels, and egocentrism. Make empathy less of a rumor and an expanded reality in your world!