Everything You Wanted to Know About Emerging Adulthood but Were Afraid to Ask: Addiction, Learning Challenges, Failure to Launch, and Helicopter Parents

A Rumor of Empathy

Jun 10 2015 • 57 mins

Join Lou Agosta and his special guests Drs. Jesse Viner and Dale Monroe-Cook for an engaging conversation about the emotional, psychological, and human challenges of emerging adulthood. Drs. Viner and Monroe-Cook address these issues with their clients as Medical director and VP for Clinical Operations at YellowBrick, a national treatment center specializing in working with troubled emerging adults. What is emerging adulthood? What kind of breakdowns do the generations between 18 and 29 years old encounter in engaging in relationships, careers, finance, and life? How does the YellowBrick provide a foundation for turning break-downs in self-defeating behavior, emotional upset, addiction, learning disabilities, acting out, into break-throughs in accomplishment, personal satisfaction, and rewarding results? Drs Monroe-Cook and Viner has years of experience partnering with young adults, and their families, in breakdown and breakthrough. Join me and benefit from their guidance.