Black Box Down

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A true crime podcast in the air. Lifelong aviation enthusiast Gustavo Sorola and his co-host Chris Demarais break down the major accidents in aviation and the steps taken to prevent future disasters. If you like true-crime podcasts but want something fresh and unique, you’ll love Black Box Down. Subscribe now and fasten your seat belt.

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Mar 19 2020
56 seconds
All About Airspaces / The Places You Can't Fly InAccident Ends in Murder / The Überlingen Mid-air CollisionAirplane Crashes Upside Down on Runway / Propair Flight 420 Loses a WingCaptain Survives Crashing Into Mountain / Air China Flight 129 Crashes on ApproachCaptain Continues Banking After Instrument Failure / Korean Air Cargo 8509 Crashes Immediately After TakeoffAir France Flight 296Q Crashes at Airshow / Airbus Crashes in Front of Hundreds of SpectatorsDistracted Crew Enter a Deep Stall / West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 Falls From 33,000 FeetIntroducing 30 Morbid MinutesPilots Crash Doing a Go Around / USAir Flight 1016 Crashes in a NeighborhoodAirplane Stalls 1 Mile Before Runway / Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 Falls Out of the SkyPilot Refuses to Declare Emergency / Avianca Flight 52 Runs Out of FuelPilot Has A Breakdown / US Bangla Airlines Flight 211Introducing Ship Hits The FanWhat It Takes to Animate Airplanes / Aviation Explanation Behind The ScenesWhen Movies are Realistic with Insidious Inspirations / Real Pilot Starred in a MovieNightmare at 20,000 Feet | Insidious Inspirations PodcastThe Amsterdam Apartment Disaster / El Al Flight 1862 Loses Control Over AmsterdamCargo Brings Down Plane / National Airlines Flight 102 Brought Down by CargoConfused Captain Makes a Wrong Turn / Crossair Flight 498 Spirals to the GroundJoyriding Pilots Make Fatal Mistake / Pinnacle Airlines 3701