S7:Episode 1 - Debra Stangl | Where the Magic Happens

The Overcomer's Podcast

Aug 11 2022 • 47 mins

Debra Stangl Founder & CEO,  Sedona Soul Adventures

After practicing law for over 20 years in Omaha, Nebraska, Debra had a spiritual re-awakening in Sedona in 1999. After moving to Sedona in 2001 and founding Sedona Soul Adventures in 2002, Debra developed the unique process of deeply transformational, private retreats that are custom-designed for individuals and couples (not groups), utilizing the skills of over 60 of Sedona’s most amazing practitioners.  In addition, Debra leads group trips each year to Egypt and Machu Picchu. Debra is the author of the #1 bestselling book, “The Journey to Happy”. She has dedicated her life to the mission of Sedona Soul Adventures: “Transforming Lives, One Soul At A Time”.