The Authentic Accountant Podcast

Seth David and Erica Edd

Most podcasts that talk to or about “successful people” focus on “what it’s like today.” This leaves out the most important parts of the picture, “What it WAS like, and what happened.” Our format concerns itself with all three parts of a person’s story, which is: What it was like (where and how you got started)?” What happened (what were some of the darkest times like, and how did you get through it)?br What it’s like today (what you bring to the table these days). We want to inspire you by bringing out the parts of a person’s story that really made them who they are today. This is the part people can relate to, and the part we feel that other podcasts out there are missing big time. It’s exciting to learn about how successful a person is, but it is inspiring to learn what things they did to overcome the things that were blocking them along the way, especially when many of us just need to get out of our own way! read less