Unleashing the Power of the Feminine for Success and Fulfillment

The Authentic Accountant Podcast

Jan 22 2019 • 57 mins

What Barbara learned most from childhood was to be a chameleon. She was in a military family and they moved a lot. Barbara’s mom had a good job (especially for then) before marrying her father. Once she was married she left that job. Since her father had to move around a lot, if they wanted to marry, her mother had to quit her job. Don’t let the “downs” pull you down into the mud. Barbara learned to pull herself up from the bootstraps. Looking back it seemed more fearful than it felt at the time. Her parents divorced when she was 14. When she hears of others’ struggles it helps her gather strength for her own journey. Life is a journey so don’t be too hard on yourself because you eventually get where you want to go anyway. Barbara learned a term called, “Sisu.” Barbara said, “don’t ask me to spell it” but I googled it and found it. Get the complete show notes at http://www.TheAuthenticAccountant.com