You Have No Reason to Complain with Steven Eugene Kuhn

The Authentic Accountant Podcast

Sep 11 2018 • 55 mins

Stephen Eugene Kuhn knew that he wanted to be in the military by the time he was 8. 10 days after high school he was on his way. Seeing battle wasn't the worst part of his experience. The worst part came later, when the PTSD struck. In this Podcast, Steven gives us the whole story. He went from being a (self proclaimed) Doofus in high school to a military guy who saw battle. How he overcame and continues to overcome PTSD. Meanwhile he's built several successful businesses from owning night clubs and health clubs to what he does now, which is to work with major influencers in both the political arena and the business world. Find out how he did it all in this week's episode of The Authentic Accountant Podcast