How We Work Play Buy and Sell with Jon Ferrara

The Authentic Accountant Podcast

Aug 21 2018 • 57 mins

When social media was emerging beyond learning what your high school sweetheart was up to, and what your friends had for lunch that day, Jon Ferrara saw something others didn't. Jon saw how social media was going to change how we work, play, buy, and sell. Jon's vision proved to be right, and now he has built the worlds first, and only Social CRM that does the work for you. Email contact and calendar were once again disconnected. Jon saw the need to being them together. His vision brought him out of retirement from having sold Goldmine (the worlds's first CRM) and now Jon is changing the way we work, play, buy, and sell with Nimble. There is a simple formula to this, he shares. Join a conversation, listen and learn, and then provide helpful information. Then you too will be seen as an influencer and an expert. And THAT's how you get a product or service to market! Listen to learn MUCH more!