Belly Button Bloggers with Chris Brogan

The Authentic Accountant Podcast

Feb 26 2019 • 55 mins

Goto to join Chris’ group Chris says that nobody knows who he is. I disagree. I met Chris originally on Twitter. Chris says that when he sees people on twitter trying to push the now 280 character limit, instead of “get a room” he thinks, “get a blog!” As a kid, Chris learned to ride a bike, and when he crashed it into his own house, and while crying hysterically, his mom came out and his reaction was to ask her to “move the house.” Chris had a very loving upbringing, almost to a fault. His parents gave him so much confidence, that he was in for a rude awakening at school. He thought he was so good looking that he asked out the hottest girl in the class. He didn’t get the girl :( He could have been like Hugh Hefner minus the girls, and anyone naked!