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Our Editor's Take

The Amanpour podcast delivers for listeners seeking detailed analyses of critical international issues. Hosting the podcast is Christiane Amanpour, CNN's chief international anchor. This is the podcast version of the TV show by the same name. She interviews reporters, experts, and prisoners-anyone who can provide context to an issue. Her main goal is to promote human rights on her podcast. Often, she invites other notable journalists to guest host the program.

Amanpour gives listeners insight into current news. But the podcast also creates emotional accessibility through a human lens. For example, in one episode, Amanpour shares the "saddest, bravest, most compelling interview" she's ever done. In it, she receives a phone call from Siamak Namazi. The Iranian-American has spent several years imprisoned in Tehran. He pleads with President Biden on the podcast. Namazi's father was also imprisoned but released for medical reasons.

Senator John McCain's widow, Cindy McCain, joins Amanpour. In her episode, she shares about and supports McCain's legacy. She discusses wounded warriors and military suicide. They also talk about the crisis of human trafficking. McCain says labor trafficking is as rampant as sex trafficking.

In one episode, Emily Bazelon of The New York Times Magazine talks about criminal justice. Listeners learn about the effects of mass incarceration. Bazelon presents a statistical discrepancy between violent crime and prison. She notes America's incarceration rates are higher than any other country's.

James Lasden of The New Yorker also joins Amanpour. In this episode, he shares his informed opinions on the Alex Murdaugh trial. Lasden expresses surprise at the jury's three-day deliberation. He shares why he expected a hung jury and how Murdaugh's testimony influenced jurors. The episode analyzes people's fixation on criminal trials.

Steven Levy, Editor-at-Large of WIRED, reveals predictions about AI. Guest host Walter Isaacson asks a chatbot to define chatbots and write a poem. Isaacson talks about thewriter who received a love profession from a chatbot.

The Amanpour podcast discusses relevant international affairs with urgency and compassion. Amanpour asks no insignificant questions. Each question has answers listeners need to hear.

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