THE AMERICAN CARPER - EPISODE 20 - The Jake Downing Interview with Sean Manning


Apr 21 2021 • 36 mins

Jake Downing... US Carp Angler and winner of the 2019 Mill Creek Cup, along with his partner Frank Kessler, is affectionately known  by many of us as ' the most interesting character' in US Carp Angling today....'Dang it!'

In this interview of The American Carper Podcast, Jake sits down with Sean and looks at his roots in Texas, how he got started in Carp Fishing and those Angler's that have helped him along the way.  He discusses his approach to new waters, the tournaments, his pleasure fishing and the future of the sport here in the USA.  A wonderful listen with a great angler and true character of US Carp Angling...Not to be missed....'Dang it!'