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Our Editor's Take

CNN's Fareed Zakaria begins each edition of Fareed Zakaria GPS with a welcome to “the global public square” that is his show. Each episode focuses on a main story and invites experts to provide added perspective. Topics include clashes, controversies, and other worldwide stories of the day.

Zakaria begins the show with Fareed's Take. This segment allows him to provide his understanding of that day's big story. Here he might reference a relevant piece he wrote for the Washington Post, where he is a contributor. Then he introduces his lead guests to help make sense of the story's nuances. He usually brings other guests on to shed light on a secondary story later in the program. At the end of each show is Zakaria's Last Look, where he addresses the audience one-on-one again.

Zakaria's interviews can go beyond speaking with fellow journalists and other experts. He often sits down with some of the most consequential world leaders of the 20th and 21st centuries. He has interviewed former US President Bill Clinton, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky, and many others. Fareed Zakaria GPS also offers frequent special reports. These episodes closely examine figures like Vladimir Putin and topics like gun issues.

Fareed Zakaria was born in Mumbai, India. He is a Peabody and National Magazine Award winner. Other esteemed publications he's written and edited for include Time and Newsweek.

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