E70: What Can We Create From A World Of Possibilites? | Consciousness Anywhere Podcast: Shannon O'Hara & Brendon Watt

Consciousness Anywhere

Aug 3 2021 • 27 mins

A space of possibilities is a space where we get to create beyond what we’ve been told we can create. It’s a space from which you can ask for anything. It’s the easiest and the most scary-exciting.

Trying to learn possibilities is like learning a foreign alphabet. It goes against everything you’ve already been taught or everywhere you function from.

Possibilities are a massive aspect of creation. It’s one of the 4 Elements of True Creation with Question, Choice and Contribution.

A world of possibilities truly comes with no definitions, it has no limit, it has no boundaries. It’s a total exploration of “what else is possible?”.

You start seeing everything in your life as a gift from this space of possibilities. As everything that shows up in a gift of possibilities even if you don’t like it.

Even in the worst of circumstances, there is actually a possibility. When one door closes, many more open.

Control is prevalent and popular and so normal in our world... and the antithesis of possibility.

If you don’t choose control and open up to what is possible, what can show up?

Key takeaways:

  • Every moment is another possibility, literally.
  • Ask “What are the possibilities here?”
  • What are the possibilities that I can’t even see or imagine?
  • You can’t change anything except you.
  • The difficulties cease in a world of possibilities.
  • True choice doesn’t exist in this reality. In a world of possibilities, you have a true choice.