E78: Think Beyond Borders | Consciousness Anywhere Podcast: Shannon O’Hara & Michael Rosmer

Consciousness Anywhere

Nov 23 2021 • 52 mins

Different countries have different rules. Do you accept your countries rules as the end all and be all because that’s what your grew up in or your parents did?

What if you were looking at the global possibilities and being aware national restrictions when it comes to business, taxes or citizenship? It’s incredible what you can gain access to if you just think beyond borders.

Maybe there are some business advantages in a different country, maybe you want to enjoy better tax system, or maybe you would just like to live in somewhere else.

Applying for a citizenship or moving abroad can be overwhelming, it is worth it to pay somebody to help you through the process.

Spoken by Michael Rosmer

Key takeaways:

  • If you want to move abroad, go there, check it out, look at the practicalities.
  • Start travelling, have friends all over the world, experiment different cultures.
  • Seeing things in a different way will allow you to have a different result.