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12: Inspiration for Starting your Own NonProfit or Business with Erin Marcus
Mar 23 2023
12: Inspiration for Starting your Own NonProfit or Business with Erin Marcus
Erin Marcus has a successful business, Conquer Your Business, helping people grow and scale to multiple six figures. She is also a regular volunteer at animal rescues. Recently she decided to bring both together and start a foundation so she can help other animal rescues around the country grow and scale! Her story is engaging and fun and Erin always has amazing advice to share. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS Why Erin wanted to start a animal rescue foundation.How she stays focused and gets things done.Following your passion. WANT TO SKIP AHEAD? [1:35] Who is Erin Marcus? [3:22] Power ow mentorship [6:43] Why she started a nonprofit and her journey. [26:20] Where does Erin go for personal development? [28:01] Is Erin an introvert or extrovert? [28:58] One goal for the upcoming year. [30:21] Piece of advice that has stuck with Erin. [31:27] What’s a non-negotiable? RESOURCES Bigger Than You: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building an Unstoppable Team by Kelly Roach [article] Do Women Need More Sleep than Men? by the Sleep Foundation [blog] 10 Simple Ways to Make A Difference for Your Favorite NonProfit   Guest Today is Erin Marcus Founder, Conquer Your Business Learn more at: https://conqueryourbusiness.com/  Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erinmarcusconqueryourbusiness/  Follow on YouTube: http://moderndirectseller.com/youtube Join in on the conversation with Easy Style with Sami on: Facebook: https://facebook.com/ssmulhnern Instagram: https://instagram.com/ssmulhern  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sami-bedell-mulhern/  YouTube