There’s never been a better time to be a true-crime buff

List Hai Toh Hit Hai

Nov 18 2022 • 5 mins

From nabbing the world’s most wanted money launderer to the whistleblower who was silenced by the Russian government, here are true-crime docus to watch on Docubay. True crime documentaries offer unparalleled thrill. Setting up the scene of the crime and meticulously carving the victim by fleshing out every aspect of their life and those close to them, they have a typical approach. And just when you’re moderately familiar with the victim — enough to understand and empathize with their situation, the crime in concern is committed, sometimes in cold blood. What follows includes a series of interviews and testimonials that attempt to corroborate the events that led to the heinous crime and perhaps, try to understand the perpetrator’s possible motive. Here are some true-crime docus on Docubay that keep you gripped, petrified and concerned in equal proportion: