Good Talks: Self-preferencing, Anti-Trust, Competition Regulation, & the Federal Trade Commission w/ Andy Jung

Heard Tell

Mar 11 2022 • 27 mins

On this Heard Tell Good Talks, guest Andy Jung of Young Voices joins to discuss the Federal Trade Commission, its history and mission, and why the Biden Administration and others are wanting to use and expand its powers to deal with growing Big Tech issues. But is the FTC the right agency for enforcing things like fair competition law, anti-trust, and consumer harm, and is it bad policy and over extending the FTC to make it regulate things like consumer choice and self-preferencing both online and in store. Andy also explains that the FTC is already - in their own words - lacking the staffing and ability to do its core mission, and this mission creep will not be good for the agency, the government, and especially consumers.

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