CouchCast 40 - Los San Anaheim Comic-Con?

Geek Shock

Feb 25 2010 • 1 hr 20 mins

Like a one legged monkey butler on a benzedrine high, it's CouchCast 40.  We're talking about a Doc Savage movie, a Missile Command movie, the A-Team comic, James' Cameron's Avatar prequel story, Willow novels, the possibility of Comic-Con moving away from San Diego, Joss Whedon & Morgan Spurlock's comic-con documentary, Dungeons and Dragons with Porn Stars, DC Entertainment, Shit My Dad Says starring William Shatner, Terra Nova, Doctor Superknives vs. Robot Dinosaurs, Wil Wright, iBoobs, Apple's iPhone App store, porn on the las vegas strip, "me who can't stop his right hand and childhood sister" (japanese masturbation video game), starcraft 2 beta keys for sale, civilization 5, the first games we ever bought for the pc, commodore 64 games, bill budge's pinball construction set, pinmame, star trek: the next generation, gates mcfadden, the naked now, and the big list: more things we learned from playing video games. Go to uglycouchshow.com and subscribe to our newsletter!