The Value of Visual Storytelling with Paul M Bowers

Copper State of Mind: public relations, media, and marketing in Arizona

Nov 9 2021 • 41 mins

In this episode, https://hmapr.com/team/abbie-s-fink/ (Abbie Fink) and https://www.linkedin.com/in/adrianmcintyre/ (Dr. Adrian McIntyre) talk about visual storytelling with Paul M Bowers. They discuss the nature of the relationship between the creative and the agency, choosing a creative person who is invested in the success of the agency as well as their own gig, and building an ongoing understanding over time. They also talk about the "secret sauce" in a photo or video shoot: the ability of the photographer to coach and create an environment of safety for subjects with whom they’re working, how to direct, how to create the best “performance” from the subject, especially those for whom photography/video is uncomfortable. Paul M Bowers describes himself as "an incorrigible multi-hyphenate with a 30+-year history helping people sell products, services, and ideas using photography and video." You can see Paul's work on his https://www.paulmbowers.com/ (website) and connect with him on https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulmbowers/ (LinkedIn) and https://www.facebook.com/paulmbowers (Facebook). Read Abbie Fink's blog post for this episode: https://hmapr.com/is-a-picture-really-worth-a-thousand-words/ ("Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words?") If you enjoyed this episode, please follow the Copper State of Mind podcast in your favorite app. We publish a new episode every other Tuesday. Just pick your preferred podcast player from this link and follow the show: https://www.copperstateofmind.show/listen (https://www.copperstateofmind.show/listen) Additional Resources https://hmapr.com/tips-for-brands-creating-visual-content/ ("Tips for Brands Creating Visual Content") by Justin Liggin https://hmapr.com/picture-worth-thousand-words/ ("A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words") by Abbie Fink https://hmapr.com/reaching-your-target-audience-is-essential/ ("Reaching Your Target Audience is Essential") by Scott Hanson Copper State of Mind is a project of https://hmapr.com/ (HMA Public Relations), a full-service public relations and marketing communications firm in Phoenix.   The show is recorded and produced in the studio of https://phx.fm/ (PHX.fm), the leading independent B2B podcast network in Arizona.