60. Loving the Foreigners in Our Community—Feat. Kristin Barnett (Operations Director of Neighborly)

The Living Room Disciple

Apr 29 2024 • 48 mins

On This Week's Episode:

In this episode, Phil Snyder and Kristin Barnett from Neighborly discuss the challenges and rewards of serving refugee communities. We explore how believers can overcome discomfort and language barriers to love and serve their neighbors, and how serving refugees can reorient our priorities and shape our spiritual growth. We also discuss the importance of involving families in refugee ministry and provide practical tips for getting started. Our prayer is that this conversation is both inspiring and encouraging to you, wherever you are.

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About Neighborly:

Neighborly is a relationship-based poverty relief organization advocating for biblical justice. We provide ways for our supporters to feed, tell, heal, shelter, welcome, and clothe their neighbors.

We not only fight poverty, we dismantle the systems that produce and perpetuate it. At times, we give a fish. Sometimes, we teach how to fish. But we're always asking why there is a darn fence around the pond, who put it there, and why they are charging more for a fishing license for people who need it the most.

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