Should We Regulate Space?

Future Focus; UK at Expo 2020

Nov 16 2021 • 28 mins

In this podcast episode, host Rachael Everard delves into Professor Lord Martin Rees’ esteemed career and asks the question: ‘Should we regulate space before humans ruin it?’ This timely subject stems from many scientists’ concern that developments in human technology may soon pose new, extinction-level risks to our species as a whole. Such dangers have been suggested from progress in artificial intelligence, developments in biotechnology and artificial life, nanotechnology, and the possible extreme effects of anthropogenic climate change. ​The wide research interests of Professor Lord Martin Rees OM, FRS, FREng, FMedSci – Astronomer Royal, former Trinity College Master and University of Cambridge Emeritus Professor – spans space exploration, to black holes, galaxy formation, the multiverse, and prospects for extra-terrestrial life. Against the backdrop of recent commercial space enterprises, he shares his insights on what regulation should focus on, and governments’ shared responsibilities and areas of collaboration.