Are you sitting comfortably?

Future Focus; UK at Expo 2020

Nov 24 2021 • 29 mins

Thompson Aero Seating is one of the leading suppliers of Business and First Class aircraft seating, with a worldwide customer base featuring many of the world’s top airlines including Delta and Singapore Airlines. With increasing market share and an evolving and expanding product portfolio Thompson’s seats are installed upon all major aircraft types from Airbus and Boeing including the A380 and Boeing B787 Dreamliner. In this podcast episode, Neil Taggart, Andy Morris and Jonny McGreevy join host Rachael Everard to discuss why Thompson Aero Seating is one of Northern Ireland’s most successful and fastest growing businesses. Currently, 1/3 of the world’s airplane seats are manufactured in Northern Ireland, and guest speakers share how Northern Irish manufacturers have developed their innovative and agile approach to design. They also discuss how the company works with airlines to produce interior products that customers won’t forget – from the look, feel, touch, functionality and ergonomics, as well as high-end experiences while considering sustainability – from weight reduction and recycling at end of product life – in the process.