Navigating a new path for 'returns'

Future Focus; UK at Expo 2020

Nov 29 2021 • 25 mins

In this podcast episode, host Chloe Thomas meets ZigZag CEO Al Gerrie to chat about solutions that help reduce the carbon footprint of retailers and manage levels of production.​ ZigZag provides a retailer branded returns portal that links directly from the returns page on websites. The software makes intelligent decisions, knowing the most route-efficient ZigZag warehouse to send the return to, so returns can be consolidated, resold or re-fulfilled to another customer. By using the ZigZag returns platform, retailers save money on returns, customers get faster refunds, and stock flows back in the supply chain and available for sale more quickly avoiding waste. To learn more about Chloe Thomas and listen to more of her podcast, visit https://chloelink.com/ff