06/30/13 The One Thing the Mind Fears Most (Archive)

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson

May 3 2022 • 1 hr

The mind misleads you and is your enemy. We see it in the world and in our own lives. Renew the mind from within. Be committed.
0:00:00 Sun, Jun 30, 2013
0:01:26 Theme: Renew Mind: Committed?
0:05:55 JLP: The mind fears one thing most
0:09:04 JLP: Edward Snowden: Hero or traitor?
0:14:03 JLP: More black men in jail or college?
0:17:32 JLP: Believing the lie
0:20:48 JLP: Keeping a secret; seek first God
0:23:37 JLP: Supreme Court: Same-sex marriage
0:25:54 JLP: Trayvon Martin witness (GZ trial)
0:30:47 JLP: Interracial violent home invasion
0:32:55 JLP: Love one another
0:34:44 Q: What does the mind fear most?
0:36:19 The mind is your enemy
0:41:24 Mind always busy
0:43:59 Discovery
0:46:00 Gossip, good news, mind wants to tell it
0:47:24 Young lady: Stillness?
0:50:46 JLP: Story of a preacher scheme
0:54:36 Feedback: Being still
0:56:56 JLP: Mind fears quietness most
0:59:40 JLP: Praying without ceasing

BOND Archive Sunday Service, June 30, 2013: Jesse Lee Peterson reminds the people of the year's theme: Renewing the mind from within. He says there's one thing the mind fears most, giving a monologue on the deception of the mind. People jump to conclusions on former National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden, whether he's a traitor or hero. Others including Jesse have repeated false facts about black males, later proven wrong. Many can't keep secrets. The public is misled about "racism" and the George Zimmerman trial. The mind fears quietness the most. Pray without ceasing.

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