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Sante Grace: This Black Owned Plus Size Clothing Brand Brings Style & Quality To The Plus Size Arena
Giving What It's Supposed To Give: Black Owned Plus Size Clothing That Flatters & Inspires USE CODE ALLDAY TO SAVE 15% ON YOUR SANTE GRACE PURCHASE Today's episode brought to you by my 2021 Black Owned Business Gift Guide! November's Black Owned Business of the Month is Black owned plus size clothing brand, Sante Grace! I chatted with owner and designer, Tracy Christian, about the challenges she has overcome since launching Sante Grace last year at the height of the pandemic and how she basically created her own blueprint for quality, designer-inspired plus size clothing. FULL SHOWNOTES HERE As you'll hear Tracy mention, one of the biggest pitfalls of the fashion industry is that it is inherently designed to make women feel less than, as if there's some part of their body that they need to fix in order to be able to rock the latest trend. But one of the amazing things that sets Sante Grace apart, is that Tracy creates beautiful clothing to make you feel good RIGHT NOW, not after Spanx, and not 5-10 pounds from now. I was so inspired by my chat with Tracy and I know you will be too. Enjoy! Pin It For Later DISCLOSURE: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post contains affiliate links from which I earn a commission, at no extra cost to you, when you make a purchase. Read more about it HERE. In This Episode Of TRIBE Culture LIFE What inspired Tracy to create and launch Sante GraceChallenges she has faced since launching her brandThe lack of quality, sustainable clothing options for plus size womenTracy's passion for creating clothing that flatters and inspires rather than "just fits"Day in the life of a clothing designer Why she's committed to paying her contractors a fair wageTracy's tips for updating your plus size wardrobeTop picks from Sante Grace (shop below) Tracy's Picks The Muse Silk Kaftan Haute Carine Pussybow Silk Chiffon Top Something The Lord Made Two Piece Terry Cloth Set USE CODE ALLDAY TO SAVE 15% ON YOUR SANTE GRACE PURCHASE MORE ABOUT TRACY CHRISTIAN You may already by familiar with Tracy Christian. Based in Los Angles, California, she runs a successful licensed talent agent, TCA Mgmt, and her past clients include Octavia Spencer, Mo'Nique, and E
Nov 22 2021
32 mins
Authentic Living: How To Find Your True Self
Authentic Living: Why It's Important And How To Start Today's chat with Bianca Hughes is near and dear to my heart. If you're on my email list or you follow me on social, we've discussed the importance of honoring ourselves and who we are OUTSIDE of being mothers. I recently began that journey for myself, and it has definitely made me a more present and relaxed mother and partner. Embracing and celebrating all of the parts that make up who you are is the perfect example of authentic living. If you're someone who struggles with living authentically and you want to find your true self, I encourage you to have a listen! Bianca breaks down her work as an authenticity coach (yes, she offers virtual sessions!) and gives pointers to start your journey of living authentically and overcoming perfectionism. FULL SHOWNOTES HERE Pin It For Later! IN THIS EPISODE OF TRIBE CULTURE LIFE What is an authenticity coach?The importance of overcoming perfectionism and embracing authentic livingDealing with unrealistic expectations as women and mothersThe effects of intergenerational trauma and post traumatic slave syndrome on Black mothers Taking time, as a society, for self-reflection and personal developmentBianca's four tips for authentic livingBianca's 2 minute body scan exerciseWhy it's important to PUT YOURSELF FIRSTWhy meditation is important and how it helpsBianca's practice in Dunwoody, GA BOOKS ON AUTHENTIC LIVING 21 Insights For Authentic Living, by Cherlene Wilson Living Against The Grain: How To Make Decisions That Lead To Authentic Life, by Tim Muldoon MORE ABOUT BIANCA HUGHES Bianca Hughes is a Licensed Professional Counselor & Authenticity Coach and the owner of Authentically Be You Counseling. She specializes in helping women who are struggling with overcoming perfectionism and who want to embrace authentic living. Bianca actually began her personal journey with authenticity very early on. Growing up in London with Caribbean roots, Bianca prided herself on her raw honesty until she began to realize it was always more judgmental and directed at other people rather than herself. She began the work of recognizing her strengths and areas of improvement, and embracing her true authentic self. Today, Bianca Hughes helps her patients in therapy and through her work as an authenticity coach. CONNECT WITH BIANCA www.AuthenticallyBeYou.com CONNECT WITH ME I recently wrote about how applying the concepts that Bianca and I discussed in this interview have helped me be a better mom. If this is something you struggle with as well, check it out! All things lifestyle & family, plus tons of Black owned business features and round-ups!
Oct 23 2021
28 mins
How To Advocate For Yourself With Your Doctor + Google Alert! How To Determine Whether Your Source Is Actually Credible
Today's episode is a good one, ya'll! My guest, Shala Thomas, is a medical communication specialist, so she knows a thing or two about reliable sources. In this episode, we discuss everything from how to advocate for yourself with your doctor to the vaccine trials and how to determine an online source's credibility. Shala had some really good insight on how the trials went down and the safeguards put in place to help protect the general public, so I'm especially excited for you to listen. FULL SHOWNOTES HERE Pin It For Later We actually taped this episode earlier this year, but a lot of the topics (vaccine hesitancy & the Black community's mistrust for doctors in general) are still incredibly relevant today. I originally wanted to do what I could to share reliable information and help people advocate for themselves with their doctors and I think, even today, our chat will go a long way in doing that. Anyway, take a listen, and as always, come find me on Instagram to share your thoughts! IN THIS EPISODE, WE DISCUSS Shala's receipts (her background in oncology research and her journey to becoming a medical communication specialist)Shala's commitment to mentoring current students in the medical writing fieldBlack community: working through our distrust for the medical community as a wholeHow to advocate for yourself with your doctor (what to research, what questions to ask, etc.)Shala's thoughts on Tuskegee and how today's clinical trials differ from that experienceReliable sources: how to find them and how to determine the credibility of an online sourceShala's upcoming Clinical Blueprint project to help regular people understand scientific terms and make informed healthcare decisions **************************************** MORE ABOUT MY GUEST Shala Thomas is a medical communications specialist with a PhD in Oncology. We go into the details of what that actually means, but, in a nutshell, Shala helps write up the articles and reports you see in esteemed medical journals like the New England Journal of Medicine. As one of the few Black women in her chosen field, Shala's definitely the person to speak with about reliable medical sources, and of course, the kind of tricky relationship some Black folks have with healthcare professionals. Shala shared a lot of thoughtful insight in this episode, so it's a good one to listen to and share with anyone who wants to know more about advocating for themselves with their doctors. **************************************** CONNECT WITH SHALA Instagram @curating.stories www.CuratingStories.com **************************************** CONNECT WITH ME All things lifestyle & family, plus tons of Black owned business features and round-ups! www.AllDayBritney.com Instagram:
Sep 16 2021
54 mins
Finding Yourself As A Mom
In today's episode, I discuss finding yourself as a mom and giving yourself permission to pursue your passions outside of motherhood with Allyson A. Robinson with the Hey Girl, It's Allyson podcast. This episode was super important; as parents, we're always trying to find that balance between being present for our babies while also honoring our own interests and pursuits. Do you struggle with work life balance? Or maybe you're like me, a SAHM trying to balance mom life while also making time for the activities that make you happy and whole. If any of this sounds familiar, I think you'll really enjoy today's episode! FULL SHOWNOTES HERE Pin It For Later! If you follow my blog or have connected with me on any of my socials, you may notice I've been a little quiet lately. One of the reasons I was so excited to share this episode is because I'm LITERALLY living this life as we speak. At the beginning of this year, I had so many plans and goals for the blog and this podcast, and it's been difficult reconciling everything that I want to accomplish with homeschool and the process of raising the kids in general. Hubs, of course, is a huge help, but mom guilt is so real, ya'll! I went back and listened to my chat with Allyson a few nights ago, and as I was taking notes, there were so many little gems that I felt I could apply to my life right now. In the episode, you'll hear me tell Allyson "I feel like you're talking directly to me" and that's still true today. I hope you'll feel the same! Anyway, all that to say, if you're working on finding yourself outside of motherhood, I know you'll get as much as I did out of today's chat! IN THIS EPISODE, WE DISCUSS Allyson's background in education and how that informed her journeyAllyson's decision to transition into staying at home with her twin girlsThe importance of setting an example and sharing your passions and/ or career with your kidsTime-blocking and finding pockets of time to hit small goalsThe ongoing journey of finding yourself as a mom and pursuing your passions outside of motherhoodThe problem with the "I'm a Mom first" mentalityWhy it's important to look for happiness and success outside of your childrenAllowing your kids to look outside of you for comfort and fulfillment (when they're ready)For Moms who have no idea where to start **************************************** MORE ABOUT MY GUEST Allyson A. Robinson began her journey as a singer enrolled in a graduate-level vocal performance program before she lost her voice and was forced to get in touch with her true purpose. She says, once she was able to focus on God's voice instead of her own, she was able to embrace her calling as a youth minister. Today, as an author, host of the Hey Girl! It's Allyson podcast, and motivational speaker, she uses her platform to inspire and empower other women to be their true, unique selves. All while raising her four year old twin girls at home. She's right there in the trenches working on being present with her babies while honoring her purpose to help and inspire the rest of us, and she shares some incredibly helpful gems in today's episode. **************************************** CONNECT WITH ALLYSON Hey, Girl! It's Allyson Podcast
Jul 8 2021
39 mins
How To Start Montessori At Home
In today's podcast episode, I'm chatting with Anitra Jackson of Chronicles of a Momtessorian about the meaning of Montessori and how to start Montessori at home and/ or in the classroom. If you're a homeschooling parent, teacher, or a parent who's just looking to switch things up a bit with your littles, this is an awesome episode to get tips and a better understanding of what Montessori means. FULL SHOWNOTES HERE Disclosure I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post contains affiliate links from which I earn a commission, at no extra cost to you, when you make a purchase. Read more about it HERE Around this time last year, I, like many parents, prepared for the possibility of homeschooling my oldest baby. She was due to start pre-school last year, but I didn't feel comfortable doing traditional schooling, so homeschool was our best bet. In my research, I stumbled across Montessori and was instantly intrigued. I've mentioned before how we're raising our babes to be independent and outspoken, and this seemed like the perfect way to encourage those traits. The tiny snag? There's sooo much info out their on Montessori; some of it was helpful, and some of it was confusing and downright conflicting. Enter Anitra and Chronicles of a Momtessorian. I knew she would be the perfect gal to chat about how to start incorporating Montessori concepts at home. Pin It For Later! IN THIS EPISODE, WE DISCUSS Montessori meaningThe Montessori "umbrella"What can Montessori teach our kids?How Chronicles of a Momtessorian has helped Anitra add her voice and perspective to the Montessori spaceAll of the basic materials you need for an authentic Montessori environmentAre Montessori "toys" a thing?How to start Montessori at homeWhat do the naysayers say about Montessori?The benefits of giving your kids freedom and space to figure some things out on their ownBONUS: Anitra's tried and true lesson to help kids stop interrupting *************************************** MORE ABOUT MY GUEST Anitra Jackson first began incorporating Montessori at home when her oldest child was just eighteen months. She fell in love with Montessori after observing a Montessori class in action. Anitra was inspired by the students as they worked peacefully, some independently and some with their teacher, and decided to incorporate the concepts at home with her own children. Today, Anitra is a certified Montessori Educator of 19 years and the creator of Chronicles of a Momtessorian, an all-encompassing lifestyle blog with tons of helpful resources, activities, and info for Montessori parents and educators. ************************************** CONNECT WITH ANITRA Chronicles of a Momtessorian Twitter: @themomtessorian Facebook: Chronicles of a Momtessorian
May 4 2021
26 mins
How To Start An Etsy Shop With Lisa Of Lisa's Maker Space
SPOILER ALERT: Lisa Scales is actually my Mama(: I figured she would be the best person to chat with about how to start an Etsy shop, since I've watched her build a robust business on Etsy selling handcrafted, unique gifts for several years. When the pandemic started last year, I saw her pivot and adapt as necessary to continue serving her customer and I admired her perseverance. So I, of course, wanted to feature her shop, Lisa's Maker Space, for February's Black owned business of the month and pick her brain about how she's managed to thrive in her chosen market. Both her and my younger sister own Etsy shops and, just about every morning, we have virtual strategy sessions, so this interview was basically an extension of those chats! Consider it your "behind-the-scenes" peek. I also want to add that if you've ever considered starting an Etsy shop, this episode is definitely the one to listen to! We discuss Lisa's experience starting her business on Etsy, the pros and cons of selling on Etsy, and the specific actions she's taken to be successful. She's spilling all the tea this week, so definitely check it out! **More info on our sponsor, Lisa’s Maker Space, HERE. Use code ALLDAY for your free gift!** Pin It For Later! IN THIS EPISODE, WE DISCUSS Why handmade?How to decide if your passion project is worth monetizingLisa's decision to focus mainly on gifts and novelty items featuring Black imagesCollaborating with up and coming Black artistsStaying unique and ahead-of-the-curve in a somewhat crowded marketHow to start (and run) an Etsy shopThe pros and cons of selling on EtsyNiching down and finding your customerDesigning, creating, and shipping in-houseWhat to expect when shopping with a small businessRemember to shout out your small business purchases! **************************************** MORE ABOUT MY GUEST Lisa Scales is the owner of Lisa's Maker Space, a Black owned Etsy shop that specializes in handcrafted, unique, and fun gifts featuring vibrant, artsy images with Brown skin. Lisa has always had an affinity for creating and designing and after making her own freebies during her time as a successful real estate agent, she decided to open her own Etsy shop. With a combination of faith, determination, and a willingness to learn, Lisa figured figured out how to start an Etsy shop, and the rest is history! Today, Lisa's Maker Space carries culturally minded gifts including puzzles, coffee mugs, metal and ceramic prints, and even At Home Sip and Paint kits. Whether you're shopping for birthdays, holidays, or just-because, Lisa's Maker Space carries a little something for everyone. ***************************************** CONNECT WITH LISA www.LisasMakerSpace.com (use code ALLDAY for free gift with purchase!) Facebook:
Feb 26 2021
27 mins
Cultivating Intimacy In A Relationship While Honoring Your Career
This week, I chatted with Sherica A. Matthews about developing and cultivating emotional intimacy in a relationship with your spouse or partner while also running your business or pursuing a successful career. As moms, partners, business owners, career-women, or some combination of all four, sometimes (okay, maybe a lot of the time) we struggle with maintaining that strong relationship with our partners. With the added pressure of teleworking and virtual school, a lot of us are stressed, busy, and struggling now more then ever. So, I figured we were long overdue for a conversation about the challenges we face with building emotional intimacy in our relationships and how to overcome those issues. My biggest takeaway? Relationships are abstract, so there's no "right way" to handle them. As far as relationship advice, tips, ideas, etc. take the concepts that you find the most helpful and adapt them to your specific situation. **More info on our sponsor, Lisa's Maker Space, HERE. Use code ALLDAY for your free gift!** Pin It For Later! IN THIS EPISODE, WE DISCUSS: Sherica's background in electrical engineering and how that informs her work today as a life coach and relationship expertThe importance of being vulnerable and open with your partnerDeveloping a deeper understanding of self before seeking that deeper understanding of your partnerWhen to get curious & get nakedHonoring our emotions and viewing our relationships as a safe spaceIntimacy and relationship advice for women entrepreneursCreative ways to playfully engage throughout the dayHow to avoid falling into an intimacy rutThe "Olivia Pope Persona"Balancing being present in your relationship with maintaining a successful careerWhen your partner needs help communicating effectivelySherica's "Relationship Success For High Achieving Women" community ***************************************** MORE ABOUT MY GUEST Sherica A. Matthews is a professional Life Coach with certifcations in relationship coaching and grief counseling. While working in her original field of choice, electrical engineering, Sherica noticed the lack of information and "formal training" in maintaining intimacy in relationships for female entrepreneurs and career women. She was inspired to get her life coach certification and immediately went to work helping her fellow women entrepreneurs. You can learn more about Sherica's work at www.ShericaAMatthews.com or on her YouTube channel where she shares spot-on relationship advice and tips for women entrepreneurs. https://youtu.be/7ZyBzPAjt4k More on building intimacy in a relationship with Sherica A. Matthews ***************************************** CONNECT WITH SHERICA
Feb 22 2021
39 mins
Dating & Finding Love Abroad With Cassandra T. Le
It's a "very special episode" of TRIBE Culture LIFE this month! (And, if you get that reference, you're my people!) In honor of Valentine's Day this month, I decided to chat with Cassandra T. Le about dating abroad, falling in love, and maintaining your sense of community while living and working abroad. We started the episode off with a little background on Cassandra's decision to move to Spain and it was so much fun hearing about that process firsthand. Moving across the world is no easy feat, and Cassandra's adventurous spirit and willingness to step out of her comfort zone are what drew me to her story in the first place. I'm almost certain those traits helped set the scene for her to meet and fall in love with her partner. Are you looking for love abroad? Or maybe just intrigued by Cassandra's story? Listen as we chat about her journey so far and the beautiful life she lives with her partner in Málaga, Spain. Pin It For Later! IN THIS EPISODE, WE DISCUSS Cassandra's background as a Vietnamese American living and working outside of DCThe culture-shock of relocating from a large, diverse metro area to a small town in SpainWhat it was like to integrate into a completely foreign cultureFinding love abroadDating and communicating with a language barrierWhere to settle? Spain vs. the U.S.Mixing the best parts of Spanish and Vietnamese cultureHow Cassandra and her partner have managed to build community and maintain relationships while working remotely Interested in dating abroad? Here's what you need to know! ******************************************* MORE ABOUT MY GUEST Cassandra T. Le runs The Quirky Pineapple where she helps her clients build their brands through content management and creation and copywriting. She also hosts a fun YouTube channel where she shares tips on content creation and chats with other business owners about what works for them in their businesses. You can also find her on the Business Without The Buts podcast where she and her co-host, Monica Schrock, discuss "challenging the status quo, marketing with less manipulation, and creating action for more inclusive businesses." Cassandra made the decision to move to Spain after graduating college a few years back. What was meant to be an opportunity to explore, get to know the Spanish culture, and travel turned into so much more when Cassandra met her now partner, a native Spaniard. ******************************************* CONNECT WITH CASSANDRA www.TheQuirkyPineapple.com Instagram: @thequirkypineapplestudio & @cassandratle Business With No Buts Podcast Cassandra's YouTube Channel CONNECT WITH ME Instagram:
Feb 10 2021
37 mins
Black Owned Guided Journals + Best Self-Improvement Tools For Beginners With Nya Jones Of Inside Then Out
Another month, another Black-owned business! I felt like January was THE PERFECT time to share one of my favorite Black owned guided journals with you all, so I was super excited to chat with Nya Jones, the owner of Inside Then Out about the best best self-improvement tools for 2021 and, of course, her Better Every Day Journal. I originally connected with Nya on Instagram and ended up featuring Inside Then Out in a Black Owned Gift Guide I created for the holidays. With folks continuing to spend more time indoors (thanks, COVID) self-improvement has been and will continue to be the name of the game as we move through 2021, so I knew I wanted to feature Nya and her guided journal as part of my January Black Owned Business of the Month feature. If you're new to the self-improvement space, the terms self-improvement and personal development may seem a little vague, but I loved how Nya broke these larger-scale ideas down into bite-sized nuggets and actionable tips that we can all immediately put to use in our everyday lives. Nya was such a treat to chat with; whether you're a newbie or you're experienced in the self-improvement arena, you're definitely going to want to listen! **More info on our sponsor, Lisa’s Maker Space, HERE** Pin It For Later! As an Amazon Associate, I earn money from qualifying purchases made through some of the links provided in this post. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. IN THIS EPISODE, WE DISCUSS Nya's personal self-improvement journeyEasy, actionable tips for beginners in self-improvementBest tools for self-improvement and personal developmentJournaling as a form of manifestation, and Nya's own, super-cool experience with the practiceJournaling as a form of self-careWhat's next for Inside Then Out in 2021 New Year resolutions: yay or nay? ****************************************** RESOURCES MENTIONED IN TODAY'S EPISODE Our Money Stories: A Six Week No B.S. Holistic Financial Wellness Plan, by Eugenie GeorgeAtomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, by James Clear
Jan 29 2021
25 mins
Tips & Resources For Conscious Parenting Beginners + More On How To Decolonize Your Parenting With Yolanda Williams
In today's episode, I discuss the best tips and resources for conscious parenting beginners with Yolanda Williams, of the Parenting Decolonized podcast and Conscious Parenting Time. I originally joined Yolanda's Facebook community, Conscious Parenting For The Culture, when my oldest turned two and I realized the discipline methods we had employed so far were not working. From the nuggets of wisdom Yolanda and her team drop every day, to the daily thoughtful discussions surrounding conscious and decolonized parenting and the incredibly helpful bite-sized units in the group, I have learned so much and my husband and I have been able to shape a beautiful and respectful relationship with our babies. When I started TRIBE Culture LIFE back in October, Yolanda was one of the first guests I reached out to, so I am super excited to share our discussion this week. Enjoy! **More info on our sponsor, Lisa's Maker Space, HERE As an Amazon Associate, I earn money from qualifying purchases made through some of the links provided in this post. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. IN THIS EPISODE, WE DISCUSS The difference between conscious parenting and positive parentingHow to figure out and embrace what works for you and your familyWhat conscious parenting IS NOTLearning to re-frame your situationWhat is decolonized parenting?The Rona, Racism & Radical Parenting Virtual Conference (Jan. 15-17. 2021)Best tips and resources for conscious parenting beginners *************************************** RESOURCES MENTIONED IN TODAY'S EPISODE Parenting For Liberation: A Guide For Raising Black Children, by Trina Greene Brown The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children, by Dr. Shefali Tsabari Ages And Stages: A Parent's Guide To Normal Childhood Development, by Charles E. Schaefer The Whole Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies To Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind, by Daniel J. Siegel Conscious Parenting For The Culture (Facebook community) Parenting Decolonized podcast If you want EVEN MORE resources for conscious parenting, make sure to reg
Jan 7 2021
37 mins
Regina Hill of The Faith-Filled Teacher On Her Mission To Encourage & Inspire Her Fellow Teachers, And How Her Faith Informs How She Interacts With Her Students In The Classroom
Welcome back to another TRIBE Culture LIFE episode! I connected with Regina years ago when we sang together in praise and worship at her parents' church and I've followed her blog, The Faith-Filled Teacher since its inception. Regina has always been full of light and positivity so I was so excited to have her on the podcast. In today's episode, we chat about how she has built The Faith-Filled Teacher into one of the top faith-based resources for Christian teachers and how she uses her platform to encourage and inspire her fellow educators. **More info on our sponsor, Lisa's Maker Space, HERE IN THIS EPISODE, WE DISCUSS: Mom hat vs. teacher hatHow Regina's job as an elementary teacher has been affected by the pandemicDealing with the challenges that come with serving in a noble, yet sometimes underappreciated professionRegina's inspiration for creating The Faith-Filled Teacher as a resource for her fellow Christian teachersHow her platform has created opportunities for deeper connections with her colleagues and studentsRegina's experience self-publishing The Prayer Journal For TeachersWhat's next for The Faith-Filled Teacher RESOURCES MENTIONED IN TODAY'S EPISODE The Prayer Journal For Teachers, by Regina Hill MORE ABOUT MY GUEST Regina Hill is an elementary school teacher of fifteen years who primarily works with English speakers of other languages, or ESOL students. Regina is mom to two beautiful girls in second and fifth grade and the creator of The Faith-Filled Teacher, and author of The Prayer Journal For Teachers. She created The Faith-Filled Teacher a few years ago as a faith-based resource designed to uplift and inform teachers of her main message: that your faith can be gamechanger in the classroom if you learn to look at your work and your students through the lens of love and kindness. *************************************** CONNECT WITH REGINA www.TheFaithFilledTeacher.com (be sure to sign up for her mailing list!) Instagram: @TheFaithFilledTeacher Facebook: The Faith-Filled Teacher **************************************** CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @itsbritney24 Facebook: All Day Britney YouTube: All Day Britney ***************************************** All things style & family, plus tons of Black owned business features and round-ups!
Dec 30 2020
25 mins
How This Black Owned Eyewear Company Brings Style, Functionality, and Quality To The Masses
**More info on our sponsor, Lisa's Maker Space, HERE** Welcome back to another episode of TRIBE Culture LIFE! This week, I'm chatting with Jason Johnson, of Ezy Eyes, a Black-owned online eyewear company that specializes in blue-light filtering eyewear with both prescription and transitional lenses. Jason started his business in August 2020, and already, he has developed efficient systems and workflows that help Ezy Eyes shine and allow him to focus on being the visionary instead of the bottleneck of his business. IN THIS EPISODE, WE DISCUSS: Just how harmful is blue light?How Jason developed the idea for Ezy EyesThe systems and processes Jason swears by in order to successfully run his business without letting it run himNew and upcoming Ezy Eyes products (HINT: sunnies!)Challenges Black business owners face and how he has overcome those challengesBuilding generational wealth and passing along that "wealthy mindset" to your children ************************************************************************ CONNECT WITH JASON www.EzyEyes.com Instagram: @ezyeyes & @jason_reg Facebook: Ezy Eyes & Jason Reg ************************************************************************ CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @itsbritney24 Facebook: All Day Britney YouTube: All Day Britney More Black-Owned Business Features **More info on Black Owned Spotlight** ************************************************************************ This episode is part of my initiative to highlight a new Black owned business every month. I connected with Jason through my husband who came home one day, sporting a nice pair of frames and telling me all about his super cool co-worker who had recently started a business. I love the idea of a Black-owned eyewear company, especially one that turns out such a stylish, quality product. So, when I started the Black owned business of the month segment, I knew I wanted to have Jason on. I loved chatting with him about his vision for his business and what his experience has been like so far, so I know ya'll are going to love listening in! ************************************************************************ Did you enjoy this episode? If so, leave me a comment and tell me your biggest takeaways. While you're there, I would really appreciate a rating & review(; Where Else Can You Listen To TRIBE Culture LIFE?
Dec 14 2020
33 mins
Black Parents: Discussing Race & Racism With Your Kids
This was such a good convo, ya'll! This week, I chatted with Kinna Thomas, Mom to two Black sons, about discussing race and racism with your kids. As with all aspects of living while Black, for us, raising children has that added layer of being Black in today's America. It's been noted that children begin to notice race and skin tone as young as six months. And, as we've seen throughout the years, incidents in the classroom and on the playground as well as nationally recognized events like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor's recent murders force us, as Black parents, to have "the talk" earlier and earlier. I don't know about you, but for me, it's been difficult to navigate. My oldest turned four earlier this year, and, for the most part, we were able to shield her from the terrible events on the news. But I still feel a responsibility to talk to her about race in an age appropriate way so that we can normalize those discussions before she goes to school and begins to interact more with other adults and kids outside of our little bubble. I knew if I was struggling, other moms must be too; so, I wanted to open a dialogue about this issue. Kinna recently published an open letter in Peekaboo Magazine called Dear White Moms, and she's been very open on Facebook about the conversations she has with her kids, so I'm super excited to share our chat with you guys! As always, feel free to share your comments below, or come find me on Instagram and tell me what you thought about the episode! CONNECT WITH KINNA Instagram: @therealkinna Facebook: Kinna Thomas CONNECT WITH ME Why I Started Tribe Culture Life Check Out My Latest All Day Britney Blog Post Come Say Hi Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube Need more TRIBE Culture Life? Hit that SUBSCRIBE button or join my tribe below!
Nov 8 2020
43 mins
Unschooling Resources For Black Families + More On Sustainable Real Estate
If you're wondering how exactly unschooling and sustainable real estate go together, don't worry because you're totally going to get it after listening in on my chat with Dr. Sundiata Soon-Jahta. Dr. Sundiata and I are members of the same Conscious Parenting group on Facebook and when I came across his website, I knew I had to have him on. He wears many hats, but in today's episode, we're chatting mainly about unschooling (how it works, how it differs from traditional homeschool) and, of course, a life of sustainability as it relates to selling real estate. For example, did you know that you can participate in carbon offset programs to help balance your carbon footprint? Me either! Talk about putting your money where you mouth is! Intrigued? So was I! Take a listen, and, as always be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the pod and leave a rating/ comment below! Unschooling Resources More on Sustainable Real Estate in Atlanta, GA (work with Dr. Sundiata) More on Dr. Sundiata's Lunch & Learn (No More Arguments: How To Resolve Conflict In A Peaceful Way) CONSCIOUS PARENTING RESOURCES The Conscious Parent, Dr. Shefali Tsabari More on Akilah Richards (follow #RaisingFreePeople on Instagram!) **************************************************************** More FREE Resources for unschooling & authentic dialogue HERE & HERE Connect With Dr. Sundiata Soon-Jahta: Instagram CONNECT WITH ME Why I Started Tribe Culture Life Check Out My Latest All Day Britney Blog Post Come Say HI Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube Need more TRIBE Culture Life? Hit that SUBSCRIBE button or join my tribe below!
Nov 2 2020
45 mins
What It’s Like To Work As A Successful Actor During A Pandemic + A New Black Owned Business For Everyone To Check Out!
Aaaand, welcome to episode two of TRIBE Culture LIFE! I have wanted to interview my sister, Hillary, for a while now. There are so many topics we talk about daily and every single one of them would have made for an awesome podcast episode, but I’ve always been especially fascinated with (and so proud of!) Hillary’s successful acting career. When she first told us, her family, about her plans to become an actor, we were skeptical to say the least. I think, for some people who aren’t in her world, it’s hard to see the middle ground between the starving actor and the successful, famous actor you see in movies or on television every day. But Hillary has managed to build a fruitful, successful career that has given her so many opportunities and I was really excited to chat with her about how she’s done that. So. If you’re considering acting. If you know an aspiring actor. If your kids want to be actors. This is the episode for you! Oh, and the Black owned business part? Hillary recently started Joyful & Company, a luxury, Vegan, organic, cruelty-free bath & body shop. Her products are lovingly handcrafted in small batches, and the quality is top notch (my girls looove her bath bombs and I’m partial to the hand soaps; I can’t get enough of Gummy Burst). Her holiday collection recently dropped and there are some amaaazing scents there! Mentioned In Today’s Episode Joyful & Company, use code ALLDAY to save 10% Actor Conferences United Professional Theatre Auditions (UPTA) Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC) The University Resident Theatre Association (URTA) Actor Resources THE ACTOR: Self-Guided Journal For Actors To Encourage Preparing For Auditions, Tiffany Roshae Evolution Talent Agency Actors Access 800 Casting Connect With Hillary www.itshillary.com Instagram: @iheart_thestage & @joyfulandco Facebook.com/joyfulandcompany Connect With ME Why I Started Tribe Culture Life Check Out My Latest All Day Britney Blog Post Find Me
Oct 25 2020
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Welcome To The Tribe Culture Life Podcast
Premier Episode! I'm super excited to share my very first episode with you guys! The Tribe Culture Life podcast has been a loooong time coming, and it's the perfect vehicle to share even MORE Black and POC stories and voices with you. So, where does the name Tribe Culture Life come from? It's simple: if you're ready to hear even more perspectives on cultural issues that matter to our community, you're my people and you're definitely my tribe! As you may know, I started All Day Britney earlier this Summer as a way to share my story and encourage others to share theirs. Here, I write about everything that interests me, from my adventures raising my babies to style advice and reviews of the Black owned businesses that I patronize as often as I can. Originally, my YouTube channel was where the "other Black and POC voices part came in". I have so enjoyed chatting with my guests and getting to know them and their stories. That segment seems to be pretty popular with you guys too! But, it occurred to me that my chat sessions might be much easier to consume in podcast form, since you listen to those while you're doing... well, just about anything else. And so, Tribe Culture Life was born! I've got some great guests lined up for you over the next few weeks so I hope you'll join me and engage! Feel free to leave comments here, or wherever you happen to catch an episode (Spotify, iTunes, etc.) Or, you can always find me on Instagram. Shoot me a DM; I LOVE hearing your thoughts! Need more TRIBE Culture Life? Hit that SUBSCRIBE button or join my tribe below!
Oct 17 2020
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