Episode 14 - Mosher Mags (Instagram legend!)

Too Old For This Pit

Dec 28 2020 • 1 hr 29 mins

In our final episode of 2020 we're joined by Rachel, a keen Kerrang! magazine preservationist who set up the incredible Instagram account @moshermags to remind us all of just how good the early 2000s were. We don our baggy jeans and Papa Roach t-shirts and travel back in time to reminisce about nu-metal, sweaty alternative nightclubs and how downloading a Korn song on Limewire took around a month, give or take.

Before we open the treasure trove of our teenage past,  we have a chat about our grown-up Christmas gifts, Kieran's snugly-fitting elf costume and we get all misty-eyed thinking about our first year in the podcast business and the amazing guests we've had on. We're probably only a few months away from being multi-millionaires so that's nice.

We'll catch you next year and wish you all the best for a healthy and happy 2021 x