Episode 26 - Randy Frobel (We Were Sharks)

Too Old For This Pit

Aug 12 2021 • 1 hr 14 mins

Randy Frobel is an incredibly nice, incredibly busy guy. As well being the frontman of Canadian pop punk heroes We Were Sharks, he plays amateur league baseball, performs in a popular covers band AND finds time to write solo songs and play video games. We hate him for all of this.

Luckily for us, Randy also has time to be part of our offbeat podcast. Things go off on a massive tangent very quickly this time as we look at the differences between cricket and baseball (spoiler alert - cricket is boring), discuss Steve-O's voice, ponder whether Disney Plus kickstarted the pandemic and put Randy through a quiz about sharks. We still can't believe how many teeth they grow in their lifetime. You probably won't either.

Before Randy walks into this nonsense, we kick things off with 'top bants' about sore legs, haunted houses and fun trips to the dentist. The human dentist, not the shark dentist. A dentist that is human, not a shark, and helps humans, not sharks. You know what we mean.