Episode 30 - Gordon Morison (Raging Speedhorn) returns!

Too Old For This Pit

Feb 3 2023 • 1 hr 20 mins

Almost two years ago, Gordon Morison regaled us with rock and roll stories of stolen drumkits, run-ins with Slipknot and revenge-based drinking. The perfect fit for our comeback, it only felt natural to kick off the next phase of TOFTP with one of our most popular guests.

Joining us from beautiful Wales, Gordon discusses being executed in a music video, the Corby trouser press (that's not from Corby) and a gig that was cancelled after half a song when a 'urination error' blew the venue's power. Standard stuff.

Before Gordon joins us, we delve into the thrill rides that are our daily lives. A new vacuum cleaner, making friends with the guy who runs the chippy and the absolute rollercoaster that is owning an air fryer. Tell your friends we're back.

Please do tell them though, we'd appreciate that. Please. Thanks.