Episode 32 - Andy Gilmour (Hundred Reasons)

Too Old For This Pit

Apr 23 2023 • 1 hr 15 mins

Let's be honest, very few of us thought Hundred Reasons would make music again. Most of us also didn't expect Glorious Sunset to be their best record yet, and easily one of the stand-out rock albums of 2023.  No-one thought they'd come on a podcast of such little merit.

Join us as we sit down with bassist Andy Gilmour, pre-release, and take a nostalgia trip through video rental stores, minidisc players, Leeds Festival and Top of the Pops. Internet banking phishing scams, Spotify royalties and, at some point, music are also discussed. Can you imagine.

In one of the greatest moments in music interview history, 5-year-old Logan asks Andy a question which requires him to dig into the very essence of his soul: "Cheese string or Babybel?" An explorative journey into 'active' and 'passive' cheeses then begins.

To warm you up (or turn you off), we chat about mundane superpowers, hangovers and whether patio furniture is an appropriate anniversary present.