Episode 13 - Brett Boland (Astronoid)

Too Old For This Pit

Dec 12 2020 • 1 hr 27 mins

Why is Nando’s way better than it really should be?   What’s the worst movie of all time? How long do you need to leave orange juice in the fridge for it to turn brown? We put all of these questions and more to Brett Boland, singer and guitarist for ethereal post-metal outfit Astronoid.

Boasting two incredible albums and a soaring sound that’s almost impossible to define, we do actually talk about music with him too. We also throw in the world’s toughest Simpsons quiz as well. You know, for balance.

Before we are connected to Brett through the wonder of remote meeting software, we discuss cereal bars, energy drinks as gateway drugs, shit dads in Christmas films and whether a tuxedo-sombrero combo can be considered ‘smart casual’.

We are the cheese, the cracker is your social circle. Place the cheese on the cracker. Thank you.