Episode 12 - Serena Cherry (Svalbard)

Too Old For This Pit

Nov 10 2020 • 1 hr 40 mins

Hey you! Do you have eyelids? If you do you probably haven't listened to Svalbard, a band so ferocious that eleven seconds of their monumental music will be  enough to actually remove skin from your lovely face.

We're joined by Serena Cherry, "guitars and growls" for the aforementioned Bristolian hardcore outfit, and this week we go off on a proper tangent. Yeah, we talk about the incredible experience that is their newest album, 'Will I Die, Will I Get Better?', but we quickly shift into a solid chat about Halloween, theme parks and rollercoasters. Don't worry though - we still ask your questions!

Before Serena joins us we chat about Butt-Rock, gardening TV shows and new carpets. Graham's son informs us, live on air, that he's done a poo.

Welcome to our lives.