Episode 33 - Charlie Rolfe (As Everything Unfolds)

Too Old For This Pit

Jun 18 2023 • 1 hr 25 mins

We can't, and won't, say we have favourite guests on this podcast. But, Charlie Rolfe is one of our favourite guests.

Join us as we have a good natter with the As Everything Unfolds vocalist about two-day hangovers, favourite species of birds and the nerves that come with playing in front of a thousands-strong Download audience. The similar thrill of supporting local heroes Enter Shikari is also on the agenda. In a more serious section, Charlie sheds light on just how difficult touring Europe has become now that the UK has turned it's back on a big ol' chunk of the world to reap the many (zero) benefits that come with Brexit. BUT WE GOT BLUE PASSPORTS MATE.

If you want to skip a bizarre intro that sees Graham and Kieran discuss bee tornados, fitting toilet seats and milk-based horror film titles, just jump to 15 minutes. We won't blame you, honestly.