Episode 23 - Sammy Urwin (Employed to Serve)

Too Old For This Pit

Jun 17 2021 • 1 hr 27 mins

On this episode we welcome Sammy Urwin - guitarist, owner of beautiful hair and all-round pleasant chap. As well as laying down the heaviest riffs in Employed To Serve, he also co-runs the exceptional Church Road Records. He's eaten dog chocolate too.

Join  us as we chat with him about Justin Timberlake, the dynamics of being in a band with your spouse,  pyramid schemes and the Titanic. We even ask him your burning questions, 86% of which comprise of "WHEN IS THE NEW RECORD OUT?!"

While Sammy psyches himself up for his appearance on the podcast several people have described as "alright", we share the worst jobs you, our wonderful listeners, have ever had - from grave digging to lion shipping. Truly, we are all employed to serve.