Episode 24 - Jason Perry ('A')

Too Old For This Pit

Jul 2 2021 • 1 hr 19 mins

When he's not donning his iconic visor and gripping the mic in 'A', Jason Perry is a Grammy Award-winning producer helping bands make rousing records.

We settle in to chat about the incredible power of music, how he approaches producing and what it felt like to play the Download Pilot a couple of weeks ago - a real, live festival with people moshing.  We also discuss how we all hate Costa Coffee's branding before getting into the many, many questions you, our listening legends, wanted us to ask him.

Before Jason rushes back from a breakfast with Daniel P. Carter to join us (we're important), we fantasise about what we'd do with our imaginary lottery winnings, dive into the living nightmare of ill-fitting shower enclosures and ponder the question on lips across the length and breadth of this strange island - is football really coming home?