Episode 144: Unequal Wealth Among Friends


Sep 7 2020 • 15 mins

Have you ever had a friend that had more or less wealth than you? Did it cause awkward moments? Dawn talks about the issues that can occur and how to avoid them. Show transcript: Hey there, I'm Dawn Starks, author of Simplify Your Financial Life and your host for the SimpleMoney Podcast, where we make personal finance simple. Welcome. This is Episode 144: Unequal Wealth Among Friends. Do you have a friend who's richer than you are? What about a friend who's poorer than you are? In general, you know that old adage "birds of a feather flock together", that tends to hold true for people we hang out with most often. And it also happens to hold true for people that we hang out with in terms of our financial equality. But not always, it's not always true. Sometimes what happens is that you and your friends started out at a similar economic level. Oftentimes people become friends in high school or college, and then they grow through their career years. And in those early years,