Episode 150: Let's Talk Financial Comparison


Oct 26 2020 • 15 mins

Are you guilty of trying to keep up with the Joneses? We all are sometimes. Let's look at that phenomenon and see what we can learn from it. Show transcript: Hey there. I'm Dawn Starks, author of Simplify Your Financial Life and your host for the SimpleMoney Podcast, where we make personal finance simple. Welcome. This is Episode 150: Let's Talk Financial Comparison: Keeping up with the Joneses. You've heard of keeping up with the Joneses, right? Well, I'm here to tell you that the Joneses are not completely useless. We can learn a lot from watching our behavior when it comes to those next door neighbors, or friends or family members who we might consider to be the Joneses. You know, those people who always have all the newest things, they have the newest technology, maybe the new cars, great clothes, just all the gadgets. And it's the kind of thing that makes us really jealous. And it makes us want to follow suit. It makes us want to buy those things, have those thing