Lovett or Leave It

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Lovett or Leave It is a live variety show and podcast that breaks down the week’s news in politics and pop culture with sketches, games, jokes that literally never miss, and everyone’s favorite: nuanced analysis. Join Jon Lovett and an all star line up of comedians, journalists, and other amazing guests live every Thursday night or in your podcast feed every Saturday morning. read less

Our Editor's Take

Lovett or Leave It is a comedy podcast that started in March 2017. The panel of comedians changes every episode, but the one constant is Jon Lovett. In each episode, a panel of the most current comedians looks at the week's most topical current issues.

Lovett is an American household name. He has years of experience as a screenwriter, producer, and podcaster. This vast knowledge comes across in this podcast. With a different panel each week, Lovett or Leave It caters to the humor of everyone across the country. As well as varying his guests, Lovett likes to change the topics they discuss. One of the most frequently discussed subjects is politics. Lovett particularly enjoys looking at individual politicians in depth. Aside from politics, the podcast discusses healthcare issues, sexual harassment, and gun violence.

Lovett or Leave It also talk about less serious issues. Panelists debrief on true crime podcasts, pizza, and superheroes. They even discuss whether ham is dessert meat. The Rant Wheel is a section where they spin the wheel to see which topic to complain about.

Lovett speaks with confidence and wit, winning laugh after laugh from the live audience. This podcast is ideal for anyone seeking a comic update on current affairs.

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