Episode 153: Your best year yet! Part 1/3

The Not So Breakfast Show

Jan 22 2024 • 39 mins

The Not So Breakfast Show

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Listen, laugh and learn with Sacha and Ish as they share their experience, thoughts and tips to build skills that are Not So average and a career that’s Not So Ordinary.

Ish Cheyne is the Head of Fitness in New Zealand for global fitness juggernaut Les Mills.
Sacha Coburn is the COO of Coffee Culture, a leading group of boutique coffee shops, and the co-founder of thecompanyyoukeep.co.nz.

Episode 153: In this week's show, we kicked off series five with a three-part series called - Creating your best year yet

  • We explored the overarching theme: "How Are You Showing Up?" and why it matters in various aspects of life.

💼 How are you showing up in different areas?

  • Delved into the nuanced ways individuals show up at work, under pressure, and in relationships.
  • Introduced the concept of levels of engagement in our daily and weekly activities:
    • Level One: Just showing up
    • Level Two: Doing minimal effort
    • Level Three: Business as usual (BAU)
    • Level Four: Adding value
    • Level Five: Creating new value

💡 The Impact of Levels of Engagement

  • Explored the consequences of silently quitting and its ripple effects on personal and professional branding.
  • Stressed the importance of taking responsibility for our actions and reframing challenges rather than placing blame.
  • Connected the dots between levels of engagement and the potential for personal and professional success.

🔍 Overall Takeaway:

  • Reflect on your own levels of engagement in different aspects of your life.
  • Recognize the impact of your actions on your personal and professional journey.
  • Consider the power of taking responsibility and reframing challenges as keys to unlocking your best year yet.