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Every weekday morning, from his prime location on the GZM Shows studio lot, former Warbucks Industries temp Jimmy takes audiences behind the scenes and gets into hilarious trouble along the way. With the help of trusty engineer Mabel, he explores how the podcast studio works, meets some cool cast members and delves into the secrets of GZM. The only problem is, he doesn't have permission to do so. read less

Our Editor's Take

The GZM Morning Show is a comedic podcast set in a fictional studio on the GZM studio lot. The podcast involves the host getting into all kinds of trouble and hijinks. The show offers laughs, trivia, and shout-outs to listeners.

Host Jimmy and sound engineer Mabel deliver a program containing “hoots, hollers, and hullabaloos,” to quote Jimmy. The back-and-forth between the duo is hilarious and entertaining. Although the show is half-scripted, it still has an unforced natural flow. The creators call the GZM Morning Show podcast “a morning news show without the news.” The first episode came out in November 2022.

When Jimmy's not meddling with studio equipment, he's complaining about not getting invited to company events. Regular segments on the show include Fun Fact Of The Day and Freaky Thursday. Jimmy tells exciting stories that would brighten any dull day. The hosts explore new topics every day, so there's little chance listeners will get bored. Plus, the podcast episodes are short, running from five to nine minutes.

Jimmy keeps listeners entertained, offering meditation advice and shopping for birthday gifts. Listeners can expect to hear BASOR, a robot, read shout-outs. Jimmy and Mabel also attempt to break the world record for the World's Tallest Podcast. Listeners also learn about the backend of things in the GZM universe. While the podcast has fictional elements, it is a real part of Gen-Z Media. The cohosts contribute to other Gen-Z podcasts and programs. One of Jimmy's real-life credits includes Tomorrow: The Continuing Adventures of Annie Warbucks. Mabel also works on another podcast, 6 Minutes. Comedy fans may enjoy the GZM Morning Show.

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