E21: We All Have Shit! How to Better Navigate Hard Times

YOUR TIME IS NOW! | Abundance, Mindset, Life Coaching, Holistic Health & Clean Eating

Jun 12 2023 • 43 mins

“Even when it's hard, even when life seems upside down or nothing is going your way, even in the midst of the chaos, every moment is worth savoring. Every single one. Because there's beauty in every moment, in every experience, even when you don't see it at the time.”

In this episode of Your Time Is Now! I’m doing things a little differently. Every time I record an episode I always give you a little life update and it’s great to always talk about the good stuff, but today I’m going to share what really has been going on behind the scenes. I am just like all of you. I have hard days. Sometimes I have hard months. May was one of those and I will never come on here and pretend that things are constantly butterflies and roses when they aren't.

Tune in to hear this raw and real episode about all the shit that’s happened, how I navigated it, and how you can better navigate those times when things aren't working out the way you want or expect them to.

In this episode:

  • A series of unfortunate new-house-related mishaps
  • It's not happening to you, it's happening FOR you
  • A better way to tackle frustrating and unexpected situations
  • The “joys” of perimenopause and making this journey more enjoyable

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