Seinfeld Episode 5 (Season 5) - The Bris Review

Cartwright! A Seinfeld Podcast

Sep 24 2020 • 51 mins

Seinfeld Episode 5 (Season 5) Summary: “Jerry and Elaine agree to be godparents to their friends’ newborn baby. They find a shaky mohel to preform the bris. Kramer is convinced he saw a pigman at the hospital.”

Original air date: October 14, 1993

This week on Cartwright! A Seinfeld Podcast, Adam and Corey discuss “The Bris!” The boys touch on everything from “Who pays for George’s car?” to “How do circumcisions work?” And, of course, they talk about the amazing performance by the late Charles Levin as the mohel. Rest in peace.

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