300: Ironman 4×4 America!

Snail Trail 4x4 Offroad Podcast

May 23 2022 • 1 hr 49 mins

Ironman 4x4 America, Foam Cell Pro Shocks, Camping, and Overlanding!! Join Jimmy and Tyler for episode 300 with Ironman 4x4! Luke and Chris school us on a lot of really cool products from Ironman 4x4, as well as how the Australian originating company finally made its way over to the states. Check it out! WE ARE GIVING AWAY A WINCH! All you have to do to enter is leave us a review on iTunes/Apple Podcasts! Once we reach 500 reviews, we will do the drawing from those 500 reviews! At 300, 350, 400, and 450 reviews, we will do give-aways for some fun swag packs as well! So get your reviews in! Congrats to PEDDY1111 for winning the 300 swag-away! And Six String Trucker for winning the 350 swag-away! CALL US AND LEAVE US A VOICEMAIL!!!! We want to hear from you even more!!! You can call and say whatever you like! Ask a question, leave feedback, correct some information about welding, say how much you hate your jeep, and wish you had a Toyota! We will air them all, live, on the podcast! +01-916-345-4744. If you have any negative feedback, you can call our negative feedback hotline, 408-800-5169. Episode 300 is brought to you by all of our peeps over at patreon.com and irate4x4! Make sure to stop by and see all of the great perks you get for supporting SnailTrail4x4! Discount Codes, Monthly Give-Aways, Gift Boxes, the SnailTrail4x4 Community, and the ST4x4 Treasure Hunt! Thank you to all of those that support us! We wouldn't be able to do it without you guys (and gals!)! As of April 1st, 2022, we will no longer be supporting Patreon! We are moving all of the "patreon activities" over to Irate4x4.com. Make sure to head over there, cancel your SnailTrail 4x4 Patreon subscription, and sign up on irate! We will still keep patreon up and running in case you just have to keep using it, but we will not be interracting any more on that platform. Our may give away might be our largest single item yet and a massive thanks to Ironman 4x4. This May we are giving away a 270° Delta wing awning. This is a super cool giveaway that everyone can use on their off-road rig or even a trailer like Tyler is doing. Make sure you are signed up on irate4x4.com by May 31st! Listener Discount Codes: MORRFlate - snailtrail to get 15% off MORRFlate Multi Tire Inflation Deflation™ KitsIronman 4x4 - snailtrail20 to get 20% off of all Ironman 4x4 branded equipment!Sidetracked Offroad - snailtrail4x4 (lowercase)to get 15% off lights and recovery gearShock Surplus - SNAILTRAIL4x4 to get $25 off any order!Mob Armor - Snailtrail4x4 for 15% offEmpire Abrasives - Snailtrail4x4 for 10% off first order Find us over on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook!