Medical Extrusion with Tyler Ware of GenX Medical

Med-Ex The Medical Extrusion Podcast

Jan 23 2023 • 26 mins

Steve sits with Tyler Ware, Owner and President, of GenX Medical to discuss some of the unique challenges and opportunities associated with medical extrusion.

GenX Medical is a custom medical tubing supplier specializing in micro-bore tubing, bioresorbable extrusions, multi-lumen tubing, and more. They are dedicated to quick delivery of prototype quantities of custom medical extrusions, but can also handle production quantity orders.

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Host: Steve Maxson | Innovation & Business Development Manager | US Extruders

Guest : Tyler Ware | Owner and President | GenX Medical

Announcer: Bill Kramer | President | US Extruders

Producer/ Editor/ Original Music: Eric Adair | Marketing Manager | US Extruder

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