Refreshing Your Podcast For A New Season

Podcast Pontifications

Jul 15 2021 • 12 mins

If you’ve been listening to Podcast Pontifications for a while, you likely noticed some changes in this week’s episodes. One change is quite trivial, but others subtle (hopefully) but a bit more foundational. It’d be hard to miss the new theme music I chose for this new season. And again, you've been listening to my produced podcast episodes for a while; you know I’m wont to do this. In fact, this marks the fifth change to theme music since this podcast started. Caveat: This is an example of what not to do. I do not recommend changing up your theme music with each new season. Or anytime, really.   Having consistent, tonally correct theme music is especially important if you’re a new voice in your given niche. I’ve built up a modest amount of name recognition in podcasting, so I can get away with being flippant with my rotating music selection. You may not be in that privileged position.    You also likely noticed an ad placement at the top of your experience. Blame Bryan Barletta of  Sounds Profitable for that. (Full disclosure: Bryan and I have a professional working relationship.) This week’s article on Sounds Profitable is entitled Never Let An Ad Slot Go Empty, and I highly recommend you read it, even if you (like me) don’t really have designs on using your podcast as an advertising vehicle.  That ad spot you read/heard is available. It’s a (but not the only) place where you’ll hear future collaborations with some of my listeners. I’ll use it as a place to spread awareness of the cool things they are doing to make podcasting better, which is the underlying conceit of Podcast Pontifications and my mission in life, as it were. It’s just the start of the collaboration and partnership efforts I’ll be exploring this season. And yes, I’d love to talk with you about collaborating. Shoot me an email at evo@simpler.media, and we’ll set up a time to talk. ----- Links Mentioned: • Advancing Podcasting -  http://advancingpodcasting.xyz/ (http://advancingpodcasting.xyz) • Bryan Barletta - https://twitter.com/highfiverpg (https://twitter.com/highfiverpg) • Sounds Profitable - https://soundsprofitable.com/ (https://soundsprofitable.com/) • Article: Never Let An Ad Slot Go Empty - https://soundsprofitable.com/update/yield-management (https://soundsprofitable.com/update/yield-management) • Subscribe—for free—to Podcast Pontifications In Your Inbox - https://podcastpontifications.com/#subscribe • Support Evo on Buy Me A Coffee - https://www.buymeacoffee.com/evoterra (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/evoterra) ----- A written-to-be-read article and a full transcript of the audio of this episode can be found at https://podcastpontifications.com/episode/refreshing-your-podcast-for-a-new-season. Visit https://twitter.com/evoterra for more podcasting insights from Evo Terra as they come. Buy him a virtual coffee to show your support at https://BuyMeACoffee.com/evoterra. And if you need a professional in your podcasting corner, please visit https://Simpler.Media to see how Simpler Media Productions can help you reach your business objectives with podcasting. Allie Press assists with the production and transcription of the show. Learn more about Allie at http://alliepress.net/ (http://alliepress.net). Podcast Pontifications four times a week to provide ideas and ask questions every working podcaster should be thinking about. Subscribe today at https://podcastpontifications.com/ (https://PodcastPontifications.com) Photo by https://unsplash.com/@gileres?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText (Gil Ribeiro) on https://unsplash.com/s/photos/cleaners?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText (Unsplash) Mentioned in this episode: Support For Abortion Rights While Americans overwhelmingly support the right of an individual to make their own decisions about abortion,