Creepy train conductors, wolf-based mating rituals, rave bears, and idiotic hotdogs

Wiz Biz with Alexx and Erik

Jun 13 2023 • 56 mins

It's another whizzer, where we learn that girls love fun more than anything! In this episode, Alexx and Erik burn through four season 2 episodes of Adventure Time:

  • S2 E19 "Mystery Train"
  • S2 E20 "Go With Me"
  • S2 E21 "Belly of the Beast"
  • S2 E22 "The Limit"

We are rapidly approaching the amazing season two finale, but in the meantime, enjoy some classic Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline adventures. Just remember: "Before you can talk to the chief, you must party with the chief. It is the only way!"

(Thanks, Party Pat.)

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